Ray Christopherson

147 Hendon Ave., Winnipeg, MB
Phone: (204) 261-4023
E-mail: valchris@mts.net
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Open by appointment.
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Ray Christopherson's pottery combines traditional forms with clean lines. Combined with his multiple-glaze techniques, he produces a unique and original look. His work is inspired by the thought that simple is beautiful. His glazes and glazing methods are inspired by nature or interpretation of nature. The marble glaze was inspired by wheat fields, mosses, grasses and rocks of the prairies. Other glazes are used for the power of the colours.

Ray believes pottery is a tactile art form meant to be held, touched and used. Beautiful pottery should also beautify a meal or a cup of tea or coffee.

His work has been displayed in various stores in Winnipeg, Winnipeg Beach, Clear Lake, Brandon, Kitchener and Waterloo.

Ray Christopherson is a Winnipeg potter who studied art at Tec Voc High School and the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba. Before concentrating on pottery, he studied pottery under local artists: Valerie Metcalfe, Kathy Koop and Steve Repa who inspired him to continue pottery.

Ray Christopherson
Ray Christopherson
Ray Christopherson