Andrea von Wichert

300-68 Higgins Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
(shares studio with Kevin Friedrich)
Phone: (204) 779-5162


Open by appointment.
Open during tour hours.

My painting practice has always dovetailed with my career as a scenic artist and painter in the entertainment industry, which requires versatility and the ability to work with multiple media and styles. For me, it's the act of painting, moving the pigment, that's important, whatever the image may be is secondary.

I love the tactile tangibility of paint, its gobbiness, its very physicality. I enjoy the challenge of learning how to move it, dilute it, and mix it to get the desired results. Currently I am working in oils with metallic acrylic under-painting, but I also work in watercolour and acrylic ink. Having created images both abstract and of the landscape I'm now working on a bestiary and a flora and fauna of creatures imaginary and revered, while still picking away at the occasional abstract or pure landscape.


Thrust/acrylic & oil on canvas/2006

Cedar Park Bog

Cedar Park Bog/acrylic & oil on canvas/2010


Rush/oil on canvas/2004


Waterfall/watercolor on paper/2005